Here There Be Dragons (2012) 5:00
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The Mandelbrot set moves. More info.

Soundtrack by JD Fontanella.

The View Out The 55 (2010) 5:00
55mm.mpg - 150 meg

Mathematically manipulated textures shot with a Micro-Nikkor 55mm AI-S.

Soundtrack by Knights of Timbre

Silent Bach (2012) 6:51
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Animated images of Bach printed musical scores. First shown at the all-night Bach concert at Brown University's Manning Chapel in Providence in November, 2012.

No audio.

Fission (2011) 8:48
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Abstract visuals for experimental noise piece by Cezary Gapik.

Reflections (2010) 5:00
reflections.mpg - 148 meg

Soundtrack by Bryan Reynolds and Mariel Oliveira.

Ylla's World (2009) 5:00
yllas-world.mpg - 148 meg

Soundtrack: Knights of Timbre

Based on image data from the NASA/JPL/University of Arizona HiRISE project.

Shown at the Pixilerations film fest in 2010.

Hex (2008) 2:25
hex.mpg - 56 meg

Soundtrack by Chris Urany recorded by Kris Lapke

Wire (2009) 8:00
wire.mpg - 246 meg

Wires. Soundtrack by Weasel Walter

Mondrian Tribute (2009) 5:00
mondrian-tribute.mpg - 150 meg

Mondrian tribute based on fractal trees. No audio.

The Thin Wax Line (2006) 7:49
wax-line-large.mpg - 247 meg

The legendary piece of Bee propoganda. The original Bee title is "Education on Humans (and examples from camera)" but it is more widely known as "The Thin Wax Line".

Soundtrack by Irene Moon with assistance from Christopher Cprek, Katy Wizard, and Yellow Crystal Star.

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