Monkey Man (2006) 1:54
monkey-man-large.mpg - 88 meg

Animation for Melt-Banana's cover version of the ska standard "Monkey Man" originally by Toots and the Maytals. (7" available from Fork In Hand Records)

Like A White Bat in a Box, Dead Matters Go On (2004) 3:32
white-bat-large.mpg - 33 meg

Spastic, sparse typographic animation for the Melt-Banana song of the same name.

In Heat - Vortex (2012) 4:51
Watch on youtube.

Panda Bear - Alsatian Darn (2011)
(Watch on pitchfork)

Abstract psychedelic video for Panda Bear, in collaberation with Ara Peterson.

Black Pus - Flower Devour (2009) 5:44
black-pus-flower-devour.mpg - 173 meg

Black Pus

Cameraman: Mikey Knives

Work Death (2007) 5:00
work-death.mpg - 194 meg

Work/Death music video that appeared on the Corleone Everything I Own Is Broken Or Bent DVD

Cameraman: Mikey Knives

Daughters Remix (2010) 1:46
daughters-remix.mpg - 54 meg

Remixed songs from Daughters 2010 s/t release. Footage is from the recording sessions.

Cameraman: Mikey Knives

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