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Bode and Wizards

Many comparisons have been made between Ralph Bakshi's 1977 animated film Wizards and the underground comics of Vaughn Bode.

Bakshi posted this on his web site forum in a long thread on the subject:

Vaughn Bode was one of the worlds great cartoonists. Vaughn, his wife and his newborn son at that time used to hang around my apartment in Manhatten and talk about doing an animated film together. Sure he influenced me and many others, as I influenced him.

The similiarities basically come down to this:

Avatar The Great looks a hell of a lot like Cheech Wizard. Mostly hat and feet, and kind of crude manner. The similarity here is pretty superficial though - Avatar is a hero, while Cheech is a much more of a self-centered hedonist...

Bakshi's robot assassin turned guide, "Necron 99" AKA "Peace", is very clearly based on Bode's "Cobalt 60":

Elinore is a bit typical of Bode female creatures:

And then there's the whole concept of strange creatures wielding 20th century weapons: