Beautiful New Impediments to Understanding - an art show of mine from 2000. The actual flyers had a strip of double-sided tape across the back bottom, and verticle cuts so that the faces along the bottom can be ripped off and used as stickers.
Visions of Stuff - another art show, from 2001.
Charm City Suicides - very minimalist show flyer from 2001. Note the obnoxious lack of a location for the show.
The Flying Luttenbachers - their robot logo fit in perfectly with an infinite spiral speach balloon idea I had wanted to do for a long time, so...
(And the plain spiral version.)

Flyers for the November 23, 2002 Sonic Youth / Lightning Bolt show:
The original flyer by Lupo's.
The parody flyer I posted all over town.

Benefit for Prisoners Literature Project May 31, 2003, San Francisco.
Blood Brothers Providence, 2003.
8/29/2003 Providence Barnacled, Emil, Wolf Eyes, Lightning Bolt
9/6/2003 ProvidenceLots and lots of bands...
Halloween 2003 Providence
The Locust 2005 Providence
666 Fest, Providence
Fancy Fest, 2006, Providence

June 1, 2003
April 22, 2005
June 13, 2007 (Cancelled show.)
Nov 9, 2007

Atlas Bower Books
Cobra Girl
Raven Boy

WYGIWYG (What You Get Is What You Get) shows:

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April 2003 (Yes, that's the complete SARS RNA sequence.)

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