Face #11
(Wood & Engraved Brass, 8" x 8")

Currently at Bulb House somewhere near Detroit.

Paranoid Delusions Are Self-Fulfilling
(Wood & Engraved Brass, 16" x 16")

This piece depicts the story of a friend of mine who was prematurely released from a mental hospital. He suffered from extremely paranoid delusions including the belief that hospital officials were killing patients, and that there were aliens following him. As a result of his paranoia, he freaked out in public, and wound up getting shot three times by the police. He survived, and after the better part of a year in prison, he is finally back in the mental hospital.

Currently hanging at Armageddon Shop in Providence.

Brass GNU paperweight.

Postscript source.

Fractal Tree

All of these pieces except the fractal tree were created in ghostscript, then imported into the MasterCAM CAD/CAM package which was used to create the toolpaths to control the CNC milling machine. For the fractal tree piece I wrote a program in C that generates fractal trees and outputs the CNC control codes ("NC file") directly.
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