After the robots declare their independence from humans and win equal rights, it becomes illegal for a human to own any piece of computer equipment. Cyborgs must waste their precious time hunting down the guilty.

Shot in Providence, Fall of 2009.

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Creative Commons License
Declaration by Dave Fischer is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Director: Dave Fischer
Cameraman (video): Mikey Knives
Cameraman (stills): Dave Fischer
Soundtrack: JD Fontanella
Sound Engineer: Frank Difficult
Cyborg #2: Scuffy
Cyborg #3: Brian Chippendale
Fleeing Human #1: M Cody Shelton
Fleeing Human #2: Mark Raposa
Antler Guy: Weird Mike
Gasmask Guy: Joe Dwyer
Aleta's Maid: Aerica DiPonzio
Soviet Girl: Rachel Dawn Silver
Troll: Joao Santos

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