A soulless publication of the arts.

Issue #1
Some Thoughts on Design and Abstraction
A Glance At China's Economy
The History of Film: Part I
Religion Versus Technology
Noise Collage
Biology Class

Issue #2
The Flying Luttenbachers
Vector Field
Mods & Scooters
Trotsky / Breton Manifesto
Frank Jones

Issue #3
Imaginary Places
Lorem Ipsum
A Mobile Future City
Face #11
Manifesto of Futurism
What Beast is This?
Absurdism in Pop Culture

Issue #4
Five Series Robot
Kernel Code
Aesthetics of the Lab
Roadside Picnic

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Contributors Links:
Ron "The Mod" Black
Greg Brotherton
Dominick Fernow
Miriam Goldberg
Irene Moon
Jeremy Wabiszczewicz
Weasel Walter
Brendon Wood

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