RCS/RI The Retrocomputing Society of Rhode Island

A few years ago a small group of friends who enjoyed collecting old computers decided to join forces and rent some mill space so as to be able to aquire larger systems than we could fit through our respective front doors. Our first large systems came from the University of Rochester. We found out that they had a large number of old systems that were being thrown out because they were taking up too much space. A large truck rental and extremely painfull weekend of lifting later, we had a world-class collection on our hands. We've continued to add bits and pieces and we've repaired a number of old systems.

The highlights of the RCS collection are:

Three PDP-12s.
A PB-250.
A DECsystem10 (1090).
We fired up the front-end PDP-11/40 at a RCS open house.

The Interdata Model 4 is a 16-bit mini from the late 60s that is heavily based on the IBM-360 architecture. It is not a compatible clone, but learning Interdata assembler was extremely easy for the legions of IBM/360 coders around at the time.

Photo of our Interdata Model 4.

A complete set of decwriters - I, II, and III. The decwriter I is actually implemented with flip chips and a wire-wrapped backplane.
Here's a list of the flip chips in the decwriter I.

A couple of Symbolics lisp machines, including a 3600:

We also have piles and piles of random bits and pieces of technology. Minis, micros, workstations, terminals, and peripherals of every imaginable kind.

Link to the RCS homepage.