Operation Dateline Dig

The Flat Earth Liberation Front Against Television (FELFAT) is working towards the return of the earth from its current unnatural spherical shape to its original, natural flat unbounded shape. To do this, we propose to dig a trench through the earth's crust, unfold it, and landfill around the edges, infinitely.

We're guessing we'll have to dig at least three or four hundred feet down before we break through. In order to avoid inconveniencing anyone during this project, we plan on digging along the international dateline, which is the only path from pole to pole specificly designed to avoid population centers.

The big problem facing Operation Dateline Dig is not the actual digging through the earth's crust. That's just a finite amount of hard labor. The tricky part is replacing the spherist day-night technology. The two possibilities are a stationary, oscillating radiating source, or an infinite sequence of properly spaced radiating point sources traveling down an arbitrary (probably spiral) path.

Current FELFAT research favours the stationary oscillating source as being technicly simpler. Much debate rages however, over the features of this oscillating source. Should it be zero dimensional (point source, such as the sun), one dimensional (infinite stellar flourescent tube), or two dimensional (the so-called "Bright Sky" approach favoured by the Defense Department)? The use of fractal structures (shapes with a fractional number of dimensions: space-filling curves) has also been considered, but the findings of that research project are still classified.

FELFAT's First Expedition

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