8 Mile

8 Mile - a review by Dave Fischer

8 Mile is an exciting foray into the world of contemporary hip-hip, outdated artificial cultural divides, and fine dining.

The story is that a rag-tag group of hip-hop artists has formed out of the simmering race war that is Detroit's "8 mile" stretch of road. The group overcomes the hostility and suspicion of their communites to forge a new group, dedicated to music, truth, and fine French cuisine.

"M&M", "Iced Tea", "Jam Master Jay", and "Vanilla Ice" represent four very differect facets of the underground scene, but when they work together it's like a well-tuned machine. Whether it's on stage blasting out the beats, on a street corner breaking up a fight, or in the kitchen whipping up a delicate Dugléré Brill Fillet, they quickly earn everyone's respect, irregardless of their side of the road.

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