Dancer in the Dark

Dancer in the Dark - a review by Dave Fischer

I enjoyed this movie immensely. Incorporating elements of fashion, pop culture, outsider science, and a comic book super-hero or anti-hero perhaps, this is a complex, multi-faceted action story.

The background to the story is that Eric Estrada is a physicist at a secret government lab working on the effects of radiation on lab animals, hoping to develop some sort of mutant super soldier of the future.

Late one night, due to a moment's carelessness, Estrada's teeth are exposed to the particle beam. He is knocked across the room in a huge puff of smoke, and when he stumbles to his feet, he has transformed into a giant glittery disco-dancing monster, who proceeds to help the other researchers escape the burning lab, then struts away into the night.

It seems that Estrada has been permenantly changed by this incident, and any time his teeth are exposed to crime, he turns into a giant sequined tornado of muscle and smooth moves. If there are criminals in the vicinity, he quickly shows them that crime doesn't pay. If not, he just destroys stuff randomly.

But he looks good doing it!

I liked this movie so much I saw it three times, then went home and built a cyclotron.

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