The Mummy

The Mummy - a review by Dave Fischer

Interesting premise behind this movie. I'm a little surprised something this intellectual actually made it past the close-minded fucks that run Hollywood.

Some modern archeologist types go wandering around some dusty ruins in Egypt, and accidently bring an ancient mummy back to life. It turns out to be none other than Imhotep!

Considering Imhotep's importance as prime minister during the reign of King Netjerikhet at the start of the Third Dynasty, what better individual could one hope to invoke from the ancient past? (Sure - Peribsen could have answered a few questions, but that's virtually esoterica in comparison. Netjerikhet's reign saw historic developments that impacted all of civilization.)

The remainder of the movie is footage of the resurected Imhotep giving a lecture series at the main Museum in Cairo. There are some comedic moments here - Imhotep arguing with an unidentified, but obviously Lauer, French egyptologist about the missing portions of the Palermo Stone.

The final scene, with Imhotep weeping at the doorway to the normally sealed King's Room at the museum, is breathtaking. You can see the weight of one of the world's greatest civilizations crushing down on Imhotep's soul as he comprehends all that has been lost to the ages. You can see the life draining from his face as he realizes that his entire world is no more.

I cannot recommend this movie enough. I would suggest quickly rereading Wilkinson's "Early Dynastic Egypt" prior to viewing, to fully appreciate this movie.

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