Nostalghia for Playstation-2

Nostalghia for Playstation-2 - a review by Dave Fischer

Loosely based on the action sequences from Andrei Tarkovsky's thrilling film, Nostalghia, this is an engrossing and challenging game on many different levels. Personally, I think this game ends the debate over whether or not games can be taken as a serious form of art, like film. Although it obviously had to skip over background details in the movie such as the photography work, the game clearly brings new life to dramatic sequences in the film - for example, pushing the joystick left makes Andrei turn left, something the main character did several times in the original film. Just like Star Wars: The Phantom Menace for Playstation far surpassed the film, this game clearly brings Tarkovsky's vision to a new, higher level. With extra beeping!

Most players will especially enjoy the racing level. I'm still trying to beat my top score of 55 minutes for walking with a candle without it getting blown out by the wind.

I personally enjoyed the Recruit for the SPK level the most, but then, I'm a sucker for any videogame containing Baader-Meinhof references.

Availability: Playstation, Playstation-2.

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