Spiderman - a review by Dave Fischer

Over the entire history of film, special effects technology has increased as a constant, and astounding, rate. What was visually stunning just ten years ago makes people chuckle now.

Spiderman has managed to push the envelope in the use of cutting edge technology in several ways. The computer graphics action sequences are truly amazing. There's still a little bit of a lack of "solidity" and "weight" to the CG characters, but that doesn't stop the action from getting your adrenaline going.

The other new technology that Spiderman uses to maximize the impact of the film is that the chips that the governmnet implanted in eveyone's head tells the characters on the screen what you're thinking about, and then they work that into the movie.

First of all, I think this is an invasion of privacy, and I don't think it adds to the value of the movie. Secondly, it doesn't work right. In the scene after spiderman has gone out web-swinging for the first time, and he starts talking about how I stole that candy bar when I was twelve, is completely not true. It wasn't me. It was Jeremey. And he only let me have a little bit. Then he hit me and took it all. So I didn't get any. And it's not true.

I hate this movie.

If you watch it, don't listen to that part.

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