The Passion of The Christ-Tard

The Passion of The Christ-Tard - a review by Dave Fischer

I usually don't get offended by anything. It's not so much that I'm open minded, but that I'm negative and hostile, and enjoy laughing at the misfortunes of others. We all have limits however, and I personally feel that The Passion of The Christ-Tard steps over a line into the indefensable.

On the other hand, it was extremely well done. I can't imagine being a director, or actor, or anyone in any way involved in the production of this film, and being able to do anything with a straight face, or without walking away in disgust. Except for one specific detail, that of Jesus Christ being played by an severely developmentally challanged actor, everything about the portrayal of biblical times, and the story of Christ's end, is done seriously, and with great effort towards historical accuracy. (They even fix the major inaccuracy of Gibson's Christ movie, and use Aramaic & Greek, rather than Aramaic & Latin!)

I did enjoy the scene where Christ drops his cross, mumbles that he "doesn't want to play anymore", sits down in the midst of a bunch of Roman soldiers, and starts to cry.

Somehow, that seemed to make sense.

Aside from that, all I can remember from this SIX HOUR film is being uncomfortable, hoping no one I know saw me entering the theatre, and that the extensive nose-picking close-ups are the least disrespectful aspect of this portrayal of Christ.

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