A. Coming down the Woonasquatucket River: swim east to Water Place Park. Climb out on the South bank, opposite the fountain. Go up stairs to street level, and continue parellel to river, to reach Steeple St. Proceed with Steeple Street directions, section G.

B. From Dexter Street: follow Dexter Street North to Westminster. Take right heading into downtown area. Take the Knight/Washington/Battey/ Fountain/Winter shortcut if you're running late. Otherwise, proceed calmly over the highway and straight into the heart of downtown. This will involve riding on sidewalks and down a few flights of stairs, so if your vehicle isn't up to that, take a left around the Franklin/Fountain/Lime/Francisco detour. Either way, continue with the downtown directions, section E.

C. Thayer Street: Loiter in front of Store 24 for an hour or so, spare changing if necessary. Proceed north-west across street, to asssault annoying guitar player, and steal what little change he might have accumulated. Walk quickly southward so as not to attract police attention. No one else will care. Go straight through the first set of lights, then take a right into the bus tunnel. This is difficult on foot, as you tend to get run over, but it is a really good shortcut, so just try to make it quick. Evade police on the far end, and continue with the Steeple Street directions, Section G.

D. South from Branch Ave: follow North Main Street south untill it becomes one-way heading north, at the intersection with Smith Street. Proceed cautiously, backwards, untill you reach Steeple Street. continue with the directions for Section G.

E. Downtown: Proceeding spirally along the perimeter of the Fountain/Empire/Weybosset/Exchange circle, take either the Symonds/Kennedy/Hayden/Martha, Clemence/Sabin/Mathewson, or Arcade/Fulton/Union routes to approach the Westminster heart district. Repeat as necessary. Look for a three story brick building on your left. WYGIWYG is right behind it.

G. From Steeple Street: Steeple Street is one-way, so proceed in the legal westward direction. There may be large ferrous objects in the vicinity due to ongoing construction which could cause your vehicle to pick up a magnetic charge through induction. Degauss your vehicle before attempting a compass reading if this is the case. Continue towards downtown. Take a left at the first light and then turn left again onto Waterman Street. If you miss the first turn, you'll crash through the wall and into the river. Jump out of your vehicle and desperately try to swim to one of the conveniently located access ladders. Do not sink into the mud. If you feel something grasp your ankle from below, immediately play dead. Drowning would be a comfort compared to your other options at this point. If you successfully make the turn however, follow Waterman Street eastward untill you see the Brown Science Library towering overhead in all its cement glory on your right. You want to go left here, but it's one-way, so abandon your car and proceed on foot. Continue with Thayer Street Directions, section C.

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